Sunday, 27 September 2009


This morning I rose early to go to a local car boot.  Now i have been promising myself I'd go for weeks now so I pushed myself to rise at 7am and get myself down there. I am so glad I went.

I love the idea of having a dinner service all un-matching, but each piece is beautiful and chosen because it is as individual as the next

Next I found the most gorgeous glass cake plates, I am very excited to bake and present me delights on these.  They are both transfer printed, the first print is like lace doilies and the 2nd is a real 60's pattern with gilt on the edges.

I also came across a vintage vanity case by Antler it was an absolute steal and comes with the keys for the lock too (the man said it was rare, but I bartered him down hard!).

In the afternoon I did a spot of gardening, I am still new to this mowing the lawn business and accidently chopped a plant up, the flowers are so pretty I couldn't resist getting a pic in
Kisses xKx

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