Thursday, 1 October 2009

Halloween Inspiration

Ok so I have some pretty amazing plans for halloween which involve vintage red double dekker buses with bands playing on them and partying in pubs with ancient caves in their beer garden. So my outfit has to be pretty cool too non?

My friends think I am crackers as it is aprox 4 weeks ago, but you need to be organised for these things.

So thinking it through at 1st I thought my costume was cool from last year (little red riding hood-Italian silk cape). But as always I want something new! So I thought I am going to dress as a wolf.  A cool wolf at that.

Makeup like this...

I think the eyes are fantastic and wolf like, but I am going to blend a bit of grey down my nose.  Have black nails and I was thinking I could stick tufts of fur here and there with eyelash glue on my hands etc.

I am going to start making some ears this weekend so watch this space. 

As for outfit, well that is something I am still thinking about but any suggestions will be gladly welcomed

Kisses xKx

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