Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Kitty Cat Craft New Feature-Stocking Bag

Ok so here at FFF head quaters we decided to come up with a new feature, Kitty Cat Craft, this is a try it yourself sewing, sticking, painting project.

Stocking Bag

I have drove myself mad with my lingerie drawers, I have so much that they are causing me great havoc and woe.  I can no longer carry on with bras attached to fishnets and tights creating balls of frilly craziness.
So in pretty organisation I decided to create a stocking bag, to protect and keep safe all my leg loving lovelyness.

1) you need to start with 2 squares of fabric, how big they are are up to you and how you are best organising them and the quantity of legwear you own.

2) secondly you need to choose your trim, this is the most enjoyable bit so take your time as it can be really rewarding and your project starts to take shape.  Think about colour and texture, what look you are going for.  I have chosen this antique cotton wide lace with a gorgeous scollop edge, I think the cream goes with the navy beautifully and makes my bag look really expensive.

Once chosen your trim leave aprox 1cm for your seam allowence and a little gap between the bottom of your bag and where your trim ends. Here I have left 5mm. To help keep my sewing straight I have pinned it before sewing.

3) When all pinned i have chosen the top thread to match my trim and my spool thread to match my base fabric.  Choose your stitch to match your trim,  i have done a small to medium zig zag stitch making sure the width of the stitch isn't too wide to keep the trim flat and tidy.

4) next for the drawer string,  I chose a narrow guipure edging as it matched my lace for colour and fabric.  What ever the trim/cord measures add aprox 5mm seam allowance, if you sew this fairly closely to your trim width it stops it from folding in its tube area when in use. Sew this with a fairly secure straight stitch as it needs to be fairly sturdy and robust for wear and tear.

5) finally sew up the side seams with a 1cm seam allowance, straight stitch and if your machine has the function you can finish the edges off with an overlock stitch, if not try out a tight cross stitch as this is better then nothing.

TADAA! and there you have it! xKx

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