Friday, 25 September 2009


WOOOOO it is Friday.

Yesterday I went to EAT just off Oxford St, I had my usual dilemma of what to have because everything is so yummy. Do I have Sushi, Panini, baguette. But something new caught my eye. They have these hugggeee soups that are about £4.95 and I chose the Tom Yum with Prawns. Now when I have had this in the past at my local Chinese it has been a bit 'dishwater no fun' kind of soup. But I thought well EAT isn't going to let me down. So I took it to the counter and they filled it up with their magical broth, then I sat down, peeled the lid off and to my surprise I got this................

(please accept my apologies for the quality of photograph, my Blackberry camera is a big let down)

The king prawns were of a regal quality, the bean sprouts, carrots and shredded spring onion was crunchy, it had lime wedges and heaps of coriander (mmm my fave). So if you pass EAT anytime soon this is my recommendation to you (oh and the honey and chilli nuts are amazing too!).

Kisses xKx

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