Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday OVER!- Etsy Listings

I don't know about anyone else but that Monday was hard, after a couple of bank holiday days off getting back into the swing of things was proving tricky today.  Especially since I feel like I am getting the lergi that everyone in the office seems to of had. Serves me right really me being smug saying I've got the immune system of (something very strong?) the Queen... Ha!

Anyway to cheer you all up I have put up some more listings on my vintage Etsy shop, harah!! I hear you cry. Well, here goes!

For all those who love spending time in the kitchen cooking, baking and looking gorgeous here's a lovely little lemon pinny

Would look lovely on a little vintage hospital style bed, this cotton embroidered pillowcase is finished off with scollop edging.

1970s glossy stoneware vase made in Germany

A piece of kitchen kit to be proud off, this Royal Doulton dish would make many a great casserole, lasagne alike

Pretty in pink gold coloured brooch

Celery, knitting needles or wooden spoons this gorgeous illustrated pot is made from tough stuff stoneware

I love this trio they sit all proud together and nearly didn't list them as quite fancy them myself.  I adore willow pattern but its mostly found on tea cups, which lets face it, unless teamed with a tea pot is never enough tea! So here we have willow patterned mugs, with a surprise on the handles, all trimmed up with a shiny gold stripe-wonderful

So enough of the 'Generation Game' style selling, hope you all like!

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