Saturday, 20 February 2010

Local Focus-Star Bakery

This month's local focus is Star Bakery who I recently blogged about,  their cakes were so fabulous I couldn't help but want to know more.  Based in Hucknall Nottingham they are an any excuse occasion to eat cake and here at FFF headquarters we say why blinking not!

Your bakes are gorgeous and look almost too good to eat (almost!), where do you find your inspiration?

Why thank you! I find my inspiration from lots of different places. I'm not a planner by nature so most of the time my creations come together as I sit down with a piping bag in front of a naked cupcake. There are so many great 'cupcake artists' out there and I often find myself looking at websites and magazines to find great colour combos and stimulate ideas. We're also open to clients suggesting ideas as it personalises the cakes and makes them really unique.

Where would be your ideal holiday destination?
I love the buzz of a city, walking around and discovering hidden places in the midst of urban living is my favourite. I've always wanted to go to Seattle (a hangover from my grunge loving roots) as it seems such a mellow place to be.

What do you usually day dream about?
New cupcake designs! Seriously, I keep myself up at night thinking about the next design idea. At the moment it's all about Mother's Day cupcakes. I won't rest until they are done!

Top 3 tracks of the moment?
I love songs that keep me going in the kitchen and at the moment they are: Bat For Lashes - what's a girl to do, Kate Nash - Mariella and Kanye West - Gold Digger. My music tastes are heavily influenced by my husband as he's a real music lover and he introduces me to lots of new music.

What are your Favourite movies of all time?
This is the toughest question to ask an ex-film student! My list is constantly changing but my all time favs are: An Affair to Remember, Rebecca, Stardust, Zombieland (new addition to the list), The Goonies, Shaun of the Dead to name but a few. 

 What are your plans this spring?
Once I have my designs sorted out for Mother's Day and Easter I can concentrate on planning for the events we'll be attending throughout Notts when the weather warms up. I also hope to try and fit in a little time away with the family as cupcakes have ruled our life for the last few months and they deserve some time off too!

What is next for Star Bakery?
We're a relatively new business still finding our feet but our emphasis is on making local connections and building these relationships. This not only generates more work for us but people have great ideas on how to expand the business so we are always open to new ideas! My dream is to one day own a little shop in Nottingham where people can come to chill out and buy some cupcakes, something with a vintage feel ideally. It's not something we can afford to do immediately but I think having an ultimate goal really pushes you to succeed. Everybody loves a good cupcake.

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