Monday, 5 September 2011

Titania Inglis

My style is a miss match between vintage and advent garde so when I came across Titania Inglis I just had to blog about her. She has designed clothes for the modern woman with particular interest on the fit and cut of the garment. looking at bias cut, origami pleating and ingenious seaming.
As I am fast approaching my late 20's I feel that I am heading towards that grown up edgy look, with more emphasis on this area rather then nieve prints. She sticks to the rules of minalism as a matter of taste. I am really looking towards reducing my wardrobe to well considered peices rather then multiples of high street urges. knowing that I look great in what ever I decide to throw on at 6am on a Monday morning. Or a quick change before dinner out after work. More and more of us are aware of recycling and less are buying for the sake of it so Titania's use of organic fabrics and vegetable printed leather is most apealing-guilt free fashion.

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