Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Love- 50's Kitchen Cabinet and Hallouminati

Feww amazing weekend.. I got auction fever and bought this cute 50's cabinet.  See those top doors, they are painted over. after about 2 hours on each pane I found some gorgeous glass mirrors with little sailing boats on (you can see a peaky pic below).  So I've spent sooo much time stripping it with the boy, yawn it's the most tedious of jobs. But we went to pick out some paint and lining paper to keep us going..

On Friday night we popped over to Nottingham Contemporary, it was a bit of a last minute night out (but they are always the best aren't they!?).  We saw a few bands there, one of them being Hallouminati. My friend Tom ( from Rise Up The Sun) took the photos, think they look great and really show off the atmosphere. The band was so energetic and got us all bouncing all over the dance floor.  I guess the only way to describe them is gypsy ska but they are really worth checking out.

Me and Alex

Alex filming from Rise Up The Sun

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