Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Instagram update and new shop items

This week I've been playing round with photos on Instagram, mixing it with a font app creates another dimention.

Dr darling and myself had an at home 'date' where we made something nice to eat and sat in our conservatory. It's starting to get warmer now (only just) so we are making use of our seasonal room! It wasn't quite dark enough but I really fancied lighting some candles- well you've got to create a bit of ambience haven't you!?

FFF's shop has a few more bits in it a vintage frilly robe, so me! Perfect for the lazy weekends of comfort and still looking glamourous, would be perfect teamed with a fluffy white kitty cat!

A welsh tapestry purse, this is in great condition with 2 roomy compartments.

Here's a little sneak preview-I also picked this up on my stock hunt, a Fornasetti plate. This was so hard to photograph because the glaze is so uber shiny! The colours are truly fabulous, a really rich beetroot pink teamed with gold. The Italians do it well non?!


  1. I might be being silly, but is the last image a plate? I love it! Definitely one to show off around the house, the colours are to die for. xxxx

    1. it most certainly is :) I know they are gorgeous aren't they! x


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