Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Curly Auburn Hair

So pre Christmas I was doing a spot of shopping with my sister in law and she very kindly pointed out that I have some grey hairs, I knew this already but decided that because I am quite fair naturally that maybe only I could see them, but no, they are clearly on show. So at the age of 26 I am now to cover the little blighters with some new and fun colour.  When I was younger I had blonde bombshell hair that I had for about 8 years inspired by Marilyn Monroe (of course) but gave my hair a rest for a year or so.. But this time I have gone Auburn (no Cheryl Cole this side, more like Florence). Only a shade or two different from my natural colour, but for this time of year I thought it would warm my face up and complement my eye colour (blue).  So far so good and I am pretty pleased with it. But I think I would much prefer to use some natural dyes on my hair (please do let me know if you can recommend any).

So this picture has inspired me for a hair do, curly and textured with a little help from a few grips to pin under.  My sister has now got the fever of dying her hair and she is looking at shades of bright pink/purple. Not quite got the courage for that yet hehe!


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