Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kitty Cat Craft-updating your wardrobe pt 1

I am a total Squirrel Nutkins when it comes to buttons, fabric, ribbons, braids and trims.  That's why this week I am doing a wee feat' on updating your wardrobe.

So here I took a pile of pretty buttons....
some antique railway brass ones to go with some clear glass ones engraved with gold swirls from Liberty's

I have a cardigan, its mustard, a colour I love at the moment, but the down side.... Well, it has black buttons and I find it far less wearable with my wardrobe.  So rather then letting it sit there and do nothing I decided to sew these beauties on it and.....

Ta daaaaaaa

And why not add a leather bow brooch on it?
(another will be on etsy shop this weekend, one for me, one for you)

and while your there, you know that skirt that is a bit bor-ing?

Why not trim it with some ribbon on the hem?

ohh la la, darlings we have a new outfit that, well-doesn't cost anything and is so very me.  What a grand feeling!!


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