Saturday, 7 November 2009

x factor no love

I am not a fan in any kind of way shape or form.  I know I am going to anger some of you, but I think x factor is an embarrassment to the UK as a nation.  The gut wrenching cringyness is just to much for me to handle. As for Cheryl Cole, my love for her was great beforehand, but now I feel that the doe like beauty is turned herself trashy.

This was another shocking factor for me (sorry for the pun), not the fact that Cheryl is wearing the dress, but for the fact that David Koma lets his dress be worn on such a show! Is it really relevant? A dress like that looks cracking on the catwalk, or even when Beyonce wears it at the MTV awards in Berlin but he is ruining his street cred'. Especially when Magazines like Marie Claire slate the outfits and has become a comedy feature on their weekly email! YIKES!

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