Sunday, 22 November 2009


Its a sad week in the life of K, I am officially downsizing.  I am currently renting a whole house, which is wonderful, but as my housemate (ex boyfriend) has moved out I can no longer afford to live here on my lonesome. To be honest I think that paying too much rent is a waste as it isn't an investment and its not paying off any debts that I have got from university.  So I have found a lovely house-share to move into, the house is gorgeous and although I have only met one housemate so far, I know I am going to love it, as it is a chance to meet new people.

It is time to downsize drastically though, I have reduced my wardrobe by about 50% and I am being really ruthless.  My next life plan is to pay things off and go traveling for a while.  I have come to a standstill in my life and think it is time to see more of what this world has to offer, the whole idea is exciting me greatly.

So with this downsize needs clever storage, I am a collector of pretty fabrics, trims and buttons etc.  Due to it being a fresh start, I want it to be pretty and a comfortable space. I came across Max Attenborough and thought I'd share these pictures with you......

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