Saturday, 6 June 2009

Gorgeous Garden

Tommy and myself are very pleased to announce our new room to the house...

Our gorgeous garden.

Its all potted as we are in renting for now, but after the lovely weather it has been so relaxing just to sit in it, eat, read and enjoy our plants. My parents have the greenest fingers and only now have I really started to appreciate plants. As my Mum always said, there is nothing like watching something you've planted grow and flourish. At the moment our flowers are quite suited to the spring. But we have planted to keep it changing throughout the year. Watch this space *save the bees*

p.s no tenants in the bird house yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed but it may be a little late until next year

1 comment:

  1. I have indeed enjoyed the pleasure of the pansies in this beautiful, botanic delight. Whether it be sipping pinot grigio, or eating jacket potatoes, I have enjoyed the garden dearly.

    Cant wait for the peas! x


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