Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chester Zoo

We popped over to Chester zoo last weekend, the biggest and best Zoo in the UK.  I spent most of my time (as usual) in the butterfly house, it's so cool in there, there are lots of different types in colour and size, and if your blessed that day you may have one land on your head like the boy did below.  You can see the look on his face, he froze and didn't know what to do, a comedy moment!

 The Gardens are pretty magnificent too, all the beautiful blossom was out.  You could tell it was spring there if nothing else..

These wild dogs aren't they cute, all snoozing on top of one another. I'm sure if I was in there with them they would probably not be so friendly, they look like they are recharging to create some mischief!

I loved the pattern on this huge lizard, the colours and dots look like they could be beads on a dress. Inspiring me..

 Flamingos! These guys are so cool, and did you know they are pink because of all the prawns they eat! I wonder what would happen if they were fed blueberries?!

 The boys favourite, the penguin, he was gaga over these!

I love this picture, a family of elephants, the babies were so cute!

I wanted to put this little meerkat in my pocket he was gorgeous!! looked like he'd only just mastered standing on 2 feet as he was very wobbly!

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